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1D Studio was founded in 2008 to provide online web and media educational e-learning solutions.

We apply our vast experience acquired in years of doing music and video production to the domain of modern web and mobile development. Our goal is to create a unique and innovative educational portal featuring advanced and easy-to-use media functionality. We want to make full-fledged quality education available to anyone. We also want to empower anyone who possesses valuable knowledge to teach and pass his knowledge/mastery to the masses.

The classic traditional education system is outdated. It is struggling to keep up with today's pace and demands. New ways of knowledge visualization, storage and transfer are going to replace it. Internet growth and technological advances have brought us mobile devices to communicate and exchange information. Today more and more people seek to acquire practical knowledge via the medium of Internet. A considerable amount of research confirms that this new generation of people who don't know life without gadgets, differs dramatically from the old generation. They learn differently and they perceive information differently. Those are new people; the Internet and social media are their memory. They will rather google things that they want to learn.

That is why the idea to create a platform for online schools and education modeling is right at the surface. This is the most relevant scope of future development, so-called "akashic records" for future generations of digital kids, the only and current way of acquiring knowledge for the next 20-50 years.

All projects presented here were designed and implemented by us without any external investments. Today they are outdated, but at the moment of their release, they were standard and modern.

Our first project was an online school of accredited academician Roman Snezhko - “Snezhko TV”.

Snezhko TV

The school featured video lectures with a secure paywall. “Snezhko TV” was our pilot project; - we used it to find out how to monetize knowledge and how to attract viewers to such a platform.

First Spiritual Television

Based on that experience in 2010 we decided to launch a fuller-fledged online educational platform “First Spiritual Television”. This name was in line with the project goal – education in the field of the universal laws of the material and spiritual worlds, the public and private life. By 2012 the project had more than 10k paid members and was fully self-sustaining financially.

ETALON online

That same year, 2012, we launched “Etalon“, an online speech education program based on proprietary software “RASPA”. The program allows to completely cure stuttering or any other speech problem online.

World of masters

In 2015 we took the decision to establish a dedicated company 1D LLC and to reorganize our project “First Spiritual Television” into a modern aggregating platform of online schools codenamed “The World of Masters”. We implemented a demo version of this project which featured 3 online schools.

In 2017 we concluded that in order to fully implement all our ideas and plans reserved for “The World of Masters” project, we needed a substantial and progressive innovation with a powerful advertising campaign, so we could scale our project from small and private to big and public. Hence we decided to temporarily suspend the company and project activity to take a deeper look at the latest cutting-edge technologies and modern ways of organizing educational processes that would cover any needs, be it ones of a private teacher or of a large educational organization.


Today we are ready to implement a first-of-a-kind e-learning aggregator of online schools, an automated platform of education management over a full cycle ready to operate at any scale, essentially a school-as-a-service for anyone.

Andrew Goldman Chief Executive Officer 1D LLC

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Top notch web and mobile development is our profession. We build and market innovative and powerful solutions.


Andrew Goldman Chief Executive Officer

Gifted ideas generator, someone who was born to lead and to inspire.


Alexei Maslakov Chief Technical Officer

Geek, technical visionary and just a curious guy who likes to solve complex problems. Since early childhood Alex has always known why he is here - to write quality software that brings joy to its users. Keeping the bar high is his lifelong commitment and challenge.

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